Home Buying Process

1A Entering the Agency Relationship

When you work with me, you can rest assure that I am always working in your best interest. What you can expect from me is a strict adherence to provincial laws and the Ontario Real Estate Association (OREA) Code of Ethics. My commitment to you assures you will receive competent and quality service ground in moral integrity.

1B Home Buying Analysis

Everyone is different. Which means that each and every homebuyer has different needs, wants and goals for their home purchase. I have a 20 point process that allows me to attain an in-depth understanding of your lifestyle and/or investment goals so that I can ensure that we find the ideal home for you.

I will analyze your requirements and budget in detail. Once I have a clear idea of what we're looking for, I will conduct a market analysis of available and recently sold properties based on my assessment and create a report. This will give you a general sense of the marketplace based on your location, specification and price preferences.

In the case that you don't have a mortgage pre-approval sorted, or if you'd simply like to explore other mortgage options. We work closely with customer service focused mortgage professionals from the following institutions:

  • 1. Scotiabank
  • 2. CIBC
  • 3. National Bank
  • 4. Mortgage Alliance
  • 5. Mortgage Intelligence

We utilize a mix of best-in-class and proprietary software so that we can constantly stay on top of the market for you. You will receive immediate notifications about home(s) that come on the market as well exclusive Remax and brokerage listings. All listings will be presented to you in a prioritized fashion based on your preferences.

5A Home Showings

We coordinate all showing routes to accommodate you and your schedule. A minimum of 3 appointments per viewing day is recommended. We will generally schedule showings at least two days in advance but I always try to make myself available for same day showings if needed.

5B Home Showings Report

In order to properly assist you in your home-buying needs, I will grade the condition of each home we visit and provide feedback. We want to make sure that we're providing as much insight as we can to help you with your decision making process.

5CShowing Day Wrap-Up Report

Overview of all showings with grade and comments

6A Found the Right Home

Congratulations! At this point you've chosen the home that best suits you and your needs. From here we begin to review the listing and negotiate with the seller.

6b Comparative Market Analysis

After you've made the decision to place an offer on a home, I compare and contrast other recently sold or currently listed homes, with similar specifications, to determine the market value of the home. This data will put us in the best position during negotiations.

6C Negotiations

I will build a rapport with the seller agent and aim to get as much disclosure on the property as possible. We will begin with an initial offer, and negotiations will conduct in a proactive manner until both parties reach an agreement. During this period, I negotiate tirelessly in your interest.

7A Offer Approved

After successful negotiations, an agreement has been reached.

7B Conduct Due Diligence

Once the offer is accepted we will conduct a title search, an overview of the fire/home insurance(s), any applicable engineer's report, environmental factors, strata for condos, and a full property-disclosure statement.

7C Schedule Inspection

This is an important stage of the home buying process. I have partnered with top tier home inspectors that I can refer or you can use your own. I will be very involved in this process to ensure any potential concerns are highlighted.

7D Cheque Submissiion

Clauses will be removed at this point and you will be asked to submit a cheque for payment.

7E Lawyer Selection

If required, we will provide several referrals to professional real estate lawyers who help create closing statements and documents for your home.

7FArrange for Insurance

Be sure to sort out necessary home insurance for your new home prior to closing.

7G Prepare for Move

Make appropriate moving arrangements based on the date of possession.

7H exchange

Finally, the money is processed and the title of the home is exchanged. Now the home is truly yours.

Whether you're looking to find your dream home or make the right real estate investment, let me and my team help you through the process. Our innovative and personalized strategies, make real estate easy and exciting.

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